SSH – No password

Get your SSH public key – with from IP prepended – ready to add to the authorized_keys file of a server you want to log into without a password.

IP=$(curl -Sfs && KEY=$(cat ~/.ssh/ && echo 'from="'$IP'"' $KEY

Go one step further and add it to the server automatically:

IP=$(curl -Sfs && KEY=$(cat ~/.ssh/ && echo 'from="'$IP'"' $KEY | ssh user@host 'cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys'

Responsinator Bookmarklet

Created out of frustration this morning with finding which breakpoints and media queries were affecting elements on a new responsive design.

It simply adds an overlay of the current view-port width so you can easily tell which break-point to edit.

To install, drag the following link to your bookmarks bar: [ResponsinatorBookmarklet]

Compiled with the Google Closure Compiler-