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  1. Thank you – I was searching for excel or windows command line (intended to use Blat to send the emails) scripts to do a barebones, and stumbled across this instead! Great! I have tried secretsanta.com in the past, and even though not too bad there is overhead and login required etc. Definitely some benefits, like resends and gift lists that can be updated, but yours is a good bare-bones alternative. One thing to mention is that I was trying it initially in IE9 and pairing and test generation weren’t working. So switched to chrome and it worked fine. Normally I don’t use IE, but just happened to be opened when I did searching and found this site.

    1. Thanks Chuck! Appreciate the feedback and glad to hear someone else has found it useful. I had fun putting it together.

      I’m on a macbook so didn’t do any IE testing although it was probably because I left some debugging console.log() calls in for testing. I’ve just removed those so it should now work, unless there is another issue. Thanks for the heads up.

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