Twitter hashtag archiving tool

I’ve played around with the Twitter API recently and attempted to write my own hashtag archiver in Node.js. It was ok and worked for what I needed but this little tool is on another level.

It’s a Google Doc template and really is quite impressive. So useful if you’re running an event and want to preserve the tweets from the date for later use as we all know the twitter search isn’t much chop.

This blog post explains the step by step guide on how to set it up:

Regex Tool

By far the handiest Regex tool I’ve found for learning, writing, and testing Regular Expressions.

Key features include:  (straight from the website)

  • real time results: shows results as you type
  • code hinting: roll over your expression to see info on specific elements
  • detailed results: roll over a match to see details & view group info below
  • built in regex guide: double click entries to insert them into your expression
  • online & desktop: or download the desktop version for Mac, Windows, or Linux
  • save your expressions: My Saved expressions are saved locally
  • search Community expressions and add your own
  • create Share Links to send your expressions to co-workers or link to them on Twitter or your blog


[Idea] An “On this day” API that consumes the Wikipedia content for dates

September 17 –

Wikipedia API URL–

Parse  and output something like this:
September 17 – On this day in… 1974 – Bangladesh, Grenada and Guinea-Bissau join the United Nations.

Coming soon.

Disclaimer: I may or may not actually follow through with this.