Dev Tools Idea : Quick form tester

Thought I might use this blog as a spot to keep a track of some ideas as well. I’ve just had one that I might explore further later…

Use case: You want to test a form is submitting the values you think by emailing or logging all the $_POST vars or something but don’t want to setup the debugging on both client & server side.

Solution: A CORS enabled web service that takes an email address along with your POST’ed data and simply sends a nicely formatted key => value email back to the specified email address. A dev tools plugin or bookmarklet that fills the form out for you with one click would also be required.

Useful or useless?


You are what you don’t automate

“You are what you don’t automate”

I heard this at a recent conference where the CEO of Saasu, Marc Lehmann, explained it as one of the mantras of his business. It immediately struck a cord with me as I spend a great deal of my time making tools & using the web to make life easier. It’s so true when you think about it. In the end your life becomes a sum total of the tasks that you haven’t figured out how to automate.